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Carrots is a crowdsourced hiring platform for software engineers. No more cold emails from external recruiters. We’re an invite-only platform that puts the power of recruiting in your hands. When people you invite get hired, we share our revenue with you. And when people in your extended network get hired (2nd, 3rd-degree connections), you continue to earn money.


Solving the hiring problem

Referrals have always been the best way for companies to hire talented candidates, but there’s never been an effective way to make it scale. So companies turn to external recruiters who fill positions by blasting out cold emails to anyone who will listen. This type of spammy recruiting leads to low-quality candidates getting placed in roles they aren’t a fit for.

We want to change that.

How it works

Carrots democratizes the recruiting industry by incentivizing people to leverage their networks to get talented candidates hired in the right jobs. With one click, you’ll be able to sync your LinkedIn connections to make inviting easy. You’ll earn money when anyone in your direct or extended network gets hired.
Discover jobs and get hired by elite companiesFind companies looking to hire top-tier software engineering talent like you.
Invite your friends and earn moneyAccess your network with a click. We make inviting LinkedIn connections easy and pay you any time they’re hired.
Earn money when your extended network gets hiredDidn’t refer someone directly? No problem. You’ll earn money when your connections invite others who get hired too.
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